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    In the case of the Jews, it was because of their racial origin, which could never be changed. Why were the Jews singled out for extermination? The explanation of the Nazis' implacable hatred of the Jew rests on their distorted world view which saw...

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    There is no doubt that other factors contributed toward Nazi hatred of the Jews and their distorted image of the Jewish people. These included the centuries-old tradition of Christian antisemitism which propagated a negative stereotype of the Jew as...

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    As for the implementation of the "Final Solution" and the murder of other undesirable elements, the situation was different. The Nazis attempted to keep the murders a secret and, therefore, took precautionary measures to ensure that they would not be publicized. Their efforts, however, were only partially successful. Thus, for example, public protests by various clergymen led to the halt of their euthanasia program in August of These protests were obviously the result of the fact that many persons were aware that the Nazis were killing the mentally ill in special institutions.

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    As far as the Jews were concerned, it was common knowledge in Germany that they had disappeared after having been sent to the East. It was not exactly clear to large segments of the German population what had happened to them. Did all Germans support Hitler's plan for the persecution of the Jews? Although the entire German population was not in agreement with Hitler's persecution of the Jews, there is no evidence of any large scale protest regarding their treatment. There were Germans who defied the April 1, boycott and purposely bought in Jewish stores, and there were those who aided Jews to escape and to hide, but their number was very small.

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    Even some of those who opposed Hitler were in agreement with his anti-Jewish policies. Among the clergy, Dompropst Bernhard Lichtenberg of Berlin publicly prayed for the Jews daily and was, therefore, sent to a concentration camp by the Nazis. Other priests were deported for their failure to cooperate with Nazi antisemitic policies, but the majority of the clergy complied with the directives against German Jewry and did not openly protest. Did the people of occupied Europe know about Nazi plans for the Jews? What was their attitude? Did they cooperate with the Nazis against the Jews?

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    The attitude of the local population vis-a-vis the persecution and destruction of the Jews varied from zealous collaboration with the Nazis to active assistance to Jews. Thus, it is difficult to make generalizations. The situation also varied from country to country. In Eastern Europe and especially in Poland, Russia, and the Baltic States Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania , there was much more knowledge of the "Final Solution" because it was implemented in those areas.

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    Elsewhere, the local population had less information on the details of the "Final Solution. This was particularly true in Eastern Europe, where there was a long standing tradition of virulent antisemitism, and where various national groups, which had been under Soviet domination Latvians, Lithuanians, and Ukrainians , fostered hopes that the Germans would restore their independence. In several countries in Europe, there were local fascist movements which allied themselves with the Nazis and participated in anti-Jewish actions; for example, the Iron Guard in Romania and the Arrow Guard in Slovakia. On the other hand, in every country in Europe, there were courageous individuals who risked their lives to save Jews.

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    In several countries, there were groups which aided Jews, e. Did the Allies and the people in the Free World know about the events going on in Europe? The various steps taken by the Nazis prior to the "Final Solution" were all taken publicly and were, therefore, reported in the press. Once the war began, obtaining information became more difficult, but reports, nonetheless, were published regarding the fate of the Jews. Thus, although the Nazis did not publicize the "Final Solution," less than one year after the systematic murder of the Jews was initiated, details began to filter out to the West.

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    The first report which spoke of a plan for the mass murder of Jews was smuggled out of Poland by the Bund a Jewish socialist political organization and reached England in the spring of The details of this report reached the Allies from Vatican sources as well as from informants in Switzerland and the Polish underground. Eventually, the American Government confirmed the reports to Jewish leaders in late November They were publicized immediately thereafter. While the details were neither complete nor wholly accurate, the Allies were aware of most of what the Germans had done to the Jews at a relatively early date. What was the response of the Allies to the persecution of the Jews? Could they have done anything to help? The response of the Allies to the persecution and destruction of European Jewry was inadequate.

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    Only in January was an agency, the War Refugee Board, established for the express purpose of saving the victims of Nazi persecution. Prior to that date, little action was taken. On December 17, , the Allies issued a condemnation of Nazi atrocities against the Jews, but this was the only such declaration made prior to Moreover, no attempt was made to call upon the local population in Europe to refrain from assisting the Nazis in their systematic murder of the Jews. Other practical measures which were not taken concerned the refugee problem. Tens of thousands of Jews sought to enter the United States, but they were barred from doing so by the stringent American immigration policy. Even the relatively small quotas of visas which existed were often not filled, although the number of applicants was usually many times the number of available places. Conferences held in Evian, France and Bermuda to solve the refugee problem did not contribute to a solution.

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    At the former, the countries invited by the United States and Great Britain were told that no country would be asked to change its immigration laws. Moreover, the British agreed to participate only if Palestine were not considered. At Bermuda, the delegates did not deal with the fate of those still in Nazi hands, but rather with those who had already escaped to neutral lands. Practical measures which could have aided in the rescue of Jews included the following: Permission for temporary admission of refugees Relaxation of stringent entry requirements Frequent and unequivocal warnings to Germany and local populations all over Europe that those participating in the annihilation of Jews would be held strictly accountable Bombing the death camp at Auschwitz Click HERE to learn more about U.

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    Who are the "Righteous Among the Nations"? There were "Righteous Among the Nations" in every country overrun or allied with the Nazis, and their deeds often led to the rescue of Jewish lives. Yad Vashem, the Israeli national remembrance authority for the Holocaust, bestows special honors upon these individuals. To date, after carefully evaluating each case, Yad Vashem has recognized approximately 10, "Righteous Gentiles" in three different categories of recognition. The country with the most "Righteous Gentiles" is Poland.

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    The country with the highest proportion per capita is the Netherlands. The figure of 10, is far from complete as many cases were never reported, frequently because those who were helped have died. Moreover, this figure only includes those who actually risked their lives to save Jews, and not those who merely extended aid. Were Jews in the Free World aware of the persecution and destruction of European Jewry and, if so, what was their response? The news of the persecution and destruction of European Jewry must be divided into two periods. The measures taken by the Nazis prior to the "Final Solution" were all taken publicly and were, therefore, in all the newspapers.

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    Once the war began, obtaining information became more difficult, but, nonetheless, reports were published regarding the fate of the Jews. The "Final Solution" was not openly publicized by the Nazis, and thus it took longer for information to reach the "Free World. The response of the Jews in the "Free World" must also be divided into two periods, before and after the publication of information on the "Final Solution. Unfortunately, the views on how to best achieve these goals differed and effective action was often hampered by the lack of internal unity. Moreover, very few Jewish leaders actually realized the scope of the danger. Following the publication of the news of the "Final Solution," attempts were made to launch rescue attempts via neutral states and to send aid to Jews under Nazi rule.

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    These attempts, which were far from adequate, were further hampered by the lack of assistance and obstruction from government channels. Additional attempts to achieve internal unity during this period failed. Did the Jews in Europe realize what was going to happen to them? Regarding the knowledge of the "Final Solution" by its potential victims, several key points must be kept in mind.

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    First of all, the Nazis did not publicize the "Final Solution," nor did they ever openly speak about it. Every attempt was made to fool the victims and, thereby, prevent or minimize resistance. Thus, deportees were always told that they were going to be "resettled. Following arrival in certain concentration camps, the inmates were forced to write home about the wonderful conditions in their new place of residence. The Germans made every effort to ensure secrecy.

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    Beginning Excel is designed for the student with a limited or no experience in using this program. Lessons will cover the basic design of the program including the worksheets and workbooks, changing the appearance of a worksheet, organizing a worksheet, worksheet formulas, making the worksheet useful, working with multiple worksheets and working with charts. A flash drive is recommended for this class and some typing skills are helpful. In this course, participants will learn how to recognize and customize properties of Windows, and learn to use some of the programs such as a Word File management and organization will be a topic of focus.

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    In addition, participants will learn to create an efficient work environment, clean up their system and will be spend quite a bit of time learning about the internet. Organize the contents of your hard drive using Windows Explorer. Create an efficient work environment by using Control Panel and Accessibility programs. Perform a variety of media tasks by using the Help and Support Center.

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    Clean up your system by using My Computer and the Recycle Bin. Find information on the Internet by using various web browsers. CPT Codes are developed and maintained by the American Medical Association to provide a uniform language which describes medical, surgical and diagnostic services performed by healthcare professionals. This course will enable students to understand and accurately use CPT Codes for medical billing. We will explore the purpose of ICD coding and its relationship to reimbursement. Students will learn basic coding guidelines and how to assign codes based on medical records.

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    Medical terminology as it relates to coding will also be covered. Pre-requisites: Medical Terminology Certified Medical Assistant This program prepares medical assistant students to perform patient clinical skills in various medical office settings. Students perform clinical procedures including administering medications, assisting with minor surgery, performing an electrocardiogram, obtaining laboratory specimens for testing, educating patients, and maintaining clinical equipment in an ambulatory care setting. Medical assistants perform routine clinical tasks to keep the offices of physicians, podiatrist, chiropractors, and optometrist running smoothly.

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    The emphasis of the course prepares the responder to address immediate life threats and injuries until trained emergency personnel are available. This training is appropriate for professionals such as teachers, school bus drivers, postal employees, and large segments of industry such as miners or factory workers. Dental Assistant This class provides the skills needed to begin a career in dental assisting. Learn techniques involved in two-handed dentistry. Learn how to educate patients in the need of regular dental care and become an integral part of a successful dental team. Medical Office Specialist This is an introductory course to prepare students for employment in a medical office.

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    Nurse Aide This hr. Course includes 80 hours of classroom and laboratory instruction and 40 hours of clinical experience in a long term care facility. The primary purposes of this training program are to prepare the student for employment in a long-term care facility. Provide nursing assistants presently employed in long term care with an in-depth training program. Provide each student with instruction on how to perform uncomplicated long-term care nursing procedures. Certified Nurse Aides CNA are those persons who have completed an approved nurse aide training program, have passed the state competency test, and have been issued a certificate by the Virginia Board of Nursing.

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    Only persons who have met these requirements can use it. We will be studding the entire Code with emphasis on understanding and applying the code successfully in the field. The main emphasis will be Commercial Plumbing installations and accessibility standards, but we will also cover most residential applications. The class will also review key provisions of the International Fuel Gas Code, which governs fuel gas installations in the State of Virginia. It is designed for that next step in repairing automobiles. Over the course of 12 weeks we will cover; alignment, fuel trim and oxygen sensors, diagnosis with scan tool, clutch technology, introduction into the automatic and manual transmission and differential, and how to use special tools to diagnose vehicles. Prerequisite: Basic Auto Mechanics. Areas covered include crown molding, setting and trimming doors not pre-hung units stair construction and installation of factory cabinetry.

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    Hard wood flooring and custom deck treatments are also discussed. Instruction also includes deck construction and finish. Use of electrical meters and electrical math and calculations. Much time will be spent working on practical projects, machine maintenance, job planning and advanced set-up techniques. This is a week, hour class. It will be the starting point and foundation for all students advancing to specific curriculum levels. Safety will be taught prior to live work being performed.

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    Safety will be an integral part of the training program. All students and visitors will comply with all safety rules and practices. Heat transfer and thermodynamics. Pressure and temperature theory. Basic refrigeration cycle and components including residential style refrigeration. Basic electricity — Ohms Law, Electrical components, using meters, reading electrical schematics, and motor theory. Introduction to Automatic Controls. Control Components and Applications. Troubleshooting Basic Controls. Electronic and Programmable Controls. Types of Electric Motors. Application of Electric Motors. Motor Controls. Troubleshooting Electric Motors. Commercial Refrigeration Systems and Controls. Compressors and Expansion Devices. Special refrigeration system components. Application of refrigeration systems.

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    Childcare providers must have plans and procedures to keep children safe from everyday hazards and to respond and recover when an emergency happens. The goal of this course is to provide childcare providers, of all sizes and with responsibility for children of all ages, with the knowledge and tools to analyze the hazards and threats at the site, to develop a plan to address these hazards and threats, and to implement processes to update and practice the emergency plan.


    The topics addressed in this course include: Knowing your hazards. Testing and updating your plan. Course Objectives: Upon completing this course, the participant will be able to: Describe why it is important to be prepared. Identify hazards and threats that impact your childcare site. Describe how to prevent or mitigate the impact of likely and high-consequence hazards and threats. Describe procedures for when an emergency occurs. Identify how your childcare site will recover from an emergency. Describe how to develop and maintain your plan. Describe how you will communicate, train, and practice your preparedness procedures. Identify the emergency preparedness information you will share with your community.

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    Describe when to update your plan. Primary Audience This course is designed for childcare providers of all sizes and for all age children, including, but not limited to, home childcare sites, childcare facilities, nursery schools, camps, scouts, sports programs, faith-based programs, and after-school programs. However, anyone with a personal or professional interest in childcare site preparedness is welcome to participate. Teachers, camp counselors, parents, volunteers, scout leaders, and coaches alike will find useful information in this course.

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    What is the maximum allowed power consumption for the fans in a VAV bypass system? Answer A VAV bypass, while variable volume at the zone level, is constant volume at the fan level. If the total fan power demand of this system exceeds 25 hp, then the fan power may not exceed 0. Example Question What is the power consumption of a 20, cfm VAV system having an 18 bhp supply fan, a 5 bhp return fan, a 3 bhp economizer relief fan, a 2 hp outside air ventilation fan and a 1 hp toilet exhaust fan? Note that the exhaust and outside air ventilation fans are direct drive and 'listed in hp not bhp. The supply and return fans are controlled with variable frequency drives having an efficiency of 96 percent. Answer The economizer fan is excluded provided it does not run at the time of the cooling peak.

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    Power consumption is then based on the supply; return, outdoor and toilet exhaust fans. The ventilation fan is direct drive so its efficiency is 1. The supply and return fans have default drive efficiencies of 0. Fan power demand in units of horsepower must first be calculated to determine whether the requirements apply: a. Note that, while this system has variable frequency drives, they are only required by the Standards for the 18 bhp fan since each other fan is less than 10 hp. These motors shall also have the means to adjust motor speed for either balancing or remote control. Belt-driven fans may use sheave adjustments for airflow balancing in lieu of a varying motor speed. This requirement can be met with either electronically commutated motors or brushless DC motors. These motors have higher efficiency than PSC motors and inherently have speed control that can be used for VAV operation or balancing.

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    This requirement includes fan-powered terminal units, fan-coil units, exhaust fans, transfer fans, and supply fans. There are two exceptions to this requirement: 1. Motors in fan-coil units and terminal units that operate only when providing heating to the space served. This includes parallel style fan-powered VAV boxes and heating only fan-coils. This includes supply fans, condenser fans, ventilation fans for boilers and other fans that are part of equipment that is rated as a whole. Electric-Resistance Heating The Standards strongly discourage the use of electric-resistance space heat. Electric-resistance space heat is not allowed in the prescriptive approach except where: 1. Site-recovered or site-solar energy provides at least 60 percent of the annual heating energy requirements; or 2.

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    A heat pump is supplemented by an electric-resistance heating system, and the heating capacity of the heat pump is more than 75 percent of the design heating load at the design outdoor temperature, determined in accordance with the Standards; or 3. The total capacity of all electric-resistance heating systems serving the entire building is less than 10 percent of the total design output capacity of all heating equipment serving the entire building ; or 4.

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    The total capacity of all electric-resistance heating systems serving the building, excluding those that supplement a heat pump, is no more than 3 kW; or 5. An electric-resistance heating system serves an entire building that: a. Has no mechanical cooling ; and d. Is in an area where natural gas is not currently available and an extension of a natural gas system is impractical, as determined by the natural gas utility. In alterations where the existing mechanical systems use electric reheat when adding variable air volume boxes added capacity cannot exceed 20 percent of the existing installed electric capacity, under any one permit application.

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    In an addition where the existing variable air volume system with electric reheat is being expanded the added capacity cannot exceed 50 percent of the existing installed electric reheat capacity under any one permit. The Standards in effect allow a small amount of electric-resistance heat to be used for local space heating or reheating provided reheat is in accordance with these regulations. The Standards do not address the size of the resistance heating coils. Normally, they will be sized based on heating requirements during defrost. Cooling Tower Flow Turndown The Standards require that open cooling towers with multiple condenser water pumps be designed so that all cells can be run in parallel with the larger of 1.

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